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Shanghai Samro homogenizer Co., Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise, net fixed assets over two hundred million RMB, Close to Shanghai F1 Circuit, transportation is very convenient. China's first company to introduce a full range of high-pressure homogenizer 60Mpa high-tech personnel and management staff, who, following 20 years of research and experience to develop and complete the homogenizer structure, material, breaking workmanship, created in subsection Samro homogenizer second-generation, high starting point, high-quality reputation at home and abroad. China has been selected as the preferred well-known large-volume user technical modification with the machine, exported to Europe and Africa and Southeast Asia. Apply the same test of the deer homogenizer following advantages:
One: Adequate flow, the actual flow is higher than the flow showed on the nameplate. We can make sure constant flow when pressure increase by technically.
Two: Grinding good size, can achieve Φ0.01-2 microns. (Choose appropriate pressure)
Three: The pressure is stable, the pressure gauge pointer swings to within 1Mpa, namely P put ≦ 1Mpa. The one-way valve is durable and reliable. It makes sure stable pressure, adequate flow.
Four: Low noise, the machine is mounted on the crank drive gear, symmetrical transmission, moments, good balance; shaft for rolling bearings, bearing using special alloy materials, more run more hard drive sound below the motor sound.
Five: The sealing is reliable, no leakage. Plunge sealing, use the square since the bit ring X4310, Wear resistant high performance, heat - resistant up to 150 ℃; gland radial seal, sealing effect increases with the advantages of pressure.
Six: Spare parts long life, resistance to strong acid and alkali (NaOH, HNO3≤5%), suitable for CIP disinfection. Check valve, and plunge uses high hardness material, durable, no need to change very often.
 Seven: Save material, homogenizing valve and check valve are solid material, can use many times after polishing.
Eight: fuel-efficient, the machine drive with splash lubrication, wear during the first 750 hours run oil change once, the second time in three shifts calculate oil change once a year.
Nine: It is very easy to disassembly and maintenance, operation and maintenance.
Ten: Looks is in line with international hygiene requirements.  

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