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Confirmation of after-sales service

Ever since the "deer homogeneous machine co., LTD. Was founded, we have been committed to establish and perfect the after-sale service system. Each Shanghai "deer homogeneous machine co., LTD., after-sales service personnel of each receive professional technology training, to ensure strict again to each user to provide standard professional services.
Shanghai "deer homogeneous machine co., LTD., commitment, a Shanghai" deer homogeneous machine co., LTD. Products are entitled to one year warranty and long-term sales service. As long as all users call my office number (021-39509991 fax: 39508699 39508228 021-39509980 service hotline: 021-39508886), can enjoy Shanghai "deer homogeneous machine co., LTD. Maintenance system to provide technical advice, maintenance consulting, door to door service, accessories supporting services.
Now as the company's growth, after-sales service personnel quality and technology in the professional training and administration further improved, I believe Shanghai "deer homogeneous machine co., LTD., after-sales service will bring to the user unit to be more perfect, efficient and considerate service.

Shanghai "deer homogeneous machine co., LTD