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Description of the advantages of high-pressure homogenizer


1、Pressure homogenizer is easy to operate and maintain the design; you can use distilled water, pure water and detergent wash cycle (do not hit the pressure switch), or disassemble the pump head manual cleaning.
2、Start the machine / stop control located on the side of the machine, easy to operate, can be used for emergency switch, and includes a main motor of the thermal magnetic protection.
3、High-pressure homogenizer equipped with a polished stainless steel shell, removable, easy inspection and maintenance. Its base stand with four rubber mat.
4、Since the weight of this machine by suction feed, feed pump does not need any. Simply power supply without other facilities (such as water or compressed air)
5、In accordance with the requirements of the sample, with gaskets of different materials; standard gasket material for the special plastic. Use a plunger seal water lubrication special PTFE.

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