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Applications brief high-pressure homogenizer


       Pressure homogenizer, also known as high-pressure fluid nano homogenizer, it can make the material state of suspension in ultra high pressure, high speed flow through the cavity having a special internal structure, so that the material physical, chemical and structural nature of an occurrence series of changes, and ultimately achieve homogeneous results. The following is a brief introduction under high pressure homogenizer in Domestic Production.
1.Zhifang Li, microemulsion, liposome, suspensions and microcapsules prepared in the pharmaceutical industry;
2.Biotechnology products cell disruption, cell extracts and homogeneous material inside and outside;
3.Food and beverage industry products and homogeneous emulsion, improve product stability;
4.Cosmetics, fine chemical industry products homogeneous dispersion;
5.Conductive paste, resistor paste production and preparation.

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