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Brief classification and application of high-pressure homogenizer

Brief classification and application of high-pressure homogenizer

  • Date:2021年09月22日

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Brief classification and application of high-pressure homogenizer

  • Date:2021-09-22 08:39

1、Pressure homogenizer form of the structure is divided into vertical and horizontal integral homogenizer combination homogenizer. The former general for small and medium equipment (power 45kw or less); the latter for large equipment (power 45kw or more). Most domestic manufacturers are vertical monolithic homogenizer. This type of compact structure, beautiful appearance small footprint. But for large-scale equipment, the stability has become a major problem. The so-called horizontal combination homogenizer refers motor, gearbox, crankcase, lubrication and other independent stations into pieces and distributed in the same horizontal plane, via a belt (round), couplings, tubing and other fused. The whole center of gravity low, stable operation, easy maintenance.
2、By reciprocating plunger high-pressure homogenizer per minute divided into common type and low type homogenizer homogenizer. Homogenizer crankshaft rotational speed (ie, an decision plunger reciprocating frequency) is one of the most critical factor in determining overall performance. In the same case materials, precision, structure, etc., within a certain range the lower the speed, the friction pair (such as shafts and tile, plunger seals, etc.) the degree of wear in the unit time, the pump body of the force parts (such as valve, valve seat, etc.) the extent of damage in the same amount of time are significantly reduced, and the stability of equipment operation is also greatly improved. Therefore, this series is particularly suitable for situations of prolonged use.
3、Press control pressure homogenizer can be divided into manual control mode, manual adjustment and automatic hydraulic controlled hydraulic control formula. Currently, manual control formula on the market dominant. If the whole production line is automatic control, automatic control can be used homogenizer.
4、High-pressure homogenizer press homogenizer at a position on the production line can be divided into upstream and downstream of the homogenizer homogenizer. Usually before sterilization using a homogenizer said upstream homogenizer, sterilized after use, said downstream homogenizer homogenizer. The former usually can use general homogenizer, which should aseptic homogenizer. The so-called sterile homogenizer, is to seal the leak leak jog plunger homogenizer at the import and export of static seals by steam (or hot water) from the atmosphere, such as a homogenizer no bacteria sterilization device after use.

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