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Talking about the use of high-pressure homogenizer and 6 major features

Talking about the use of high-pressure homogenizer and 6 major features

  • Date:2021年09月22日

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Talking about the use of high-pressure homogenizer and 6 major features

  • Date:2021-09-22 08:38

  High-pressure homogenizer is a homogeneous liquid material quality and refinement of high-voltage transmission equipment, widely used in the production. Food research and technology development. Dairy beverage. Pharmacy. Fine chemicals and biotechnology fields. As a high-pressure homogenizer use: make liquid material in the lower triple role crowded RESEARCH strong impact and loss of pressure expansion material quality refined mix. This equipment is an important equipment food. Dairy beverage and other industries. Milk and other dairy drinks soy milk at high pressure homogenization, enables liquid dairy fat globules remarkably refined products make it easy to eat after digestion and absorption, increase value. For the production of ice cream and other products, and can improve cleanliness and fine porosity feed solution to the inherent texture improved significantly. Emulsions. Glue. Juice. The slurry and other production, can serve to prevent or reduce the feed solution was layered, improvement of the appearance of liquid material, so that it is more vivid color, smell of thicker, taste more alcohol. As the high-pressure pump Use: feed liquid produced by this high-pressure equipment, made of powder by spray drying equipment, powder is important in the production equipment. The equipment and other material liquid homogeneous high-voltage transmission, high-pressure jet be used for occasions. 
Pressure homogenizer 6 major features 
1、Stronger refining effect. This is because the work between the valve spool and the valve seat in the initial position are closely bonded, only when the material was being forced to work out of a slit; and between rotor and stator centrifugal emulsifying equipment to meet the high-speed rotation and does not generate excessive heat will & nbsp; & nbsp; However, there is a large gap (in terms of relatively homogeneous valve); at the same time, due to the high-pressure homogenizer transmission mechanism is a reciprocating positive displacement pumps, so in theory homogenizing pressure can be infinitely improved, and the higher the pressure, the better refinement. 
2、Refinement of the high-pressure homogenizer is the use of the interaction between the materials, so the smaller the amount of heat the material, which can maintain the performance of the material substantially unchanged. 
3、Pressure homogenizer can be quantitatively transportation of materials, because it relies on a reciprocating pumping material. 
4、High-pressure homogenizer can be larger 
5、Easy loss of more high-pressure homogenizer, a large maintenance workload, especially in the case of a high pressure 
6、Pressure homogenizer is not suitable for high viscosity conditions

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